Mental Training

Mental Training

A mental preparation consultant aims to support any individual, athlete, group or team on their path to increased performance. The consultation helps individuals to acquire mental skills that will better their performance during training and competition.

  • Evaluation of mental skills
  • Programming of mental training, competition plans and routines
  • Attention management in stressful situations
  • Follow-up during competition and in distance

Team or Individual Consultation

Develop your ability to stay strong, positive and focused on your goals. Learn to battle through your thoughts, emotions and actions, despite physical, mental and emotional stressors.

Individual Consultation

Individual counseling helps improve your mental abilities in order to meet your personal needs. Each session will increase your strengths, which will better equipt you to face all challenges, whether in your sport, at school, at work or in everyday life.

Team Consultation

The team consultation service assists you in realizing the full potential of your group. An intervention plan is tailored to your needs. Each session is presented in a dynamic and fun way to optimize the participation of every team member.

Process of a Session

Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long depending on the age and needs of the person. Each session is customized to provide you with the tools and techniques that will improve your abilities.

First session is free

The first session lasts fifteen minutes and allows the specialist to learn what your needs and goals are.


Information disclosed to the specialist is confidential and cannot be released without the client's consent, except in certain specific conditions.

Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and conferences on various topics are customized according to your specifics needs.

They are offered as an introduction to the elements that will allow optimal and effective mental preparation. By the end of the workshop or conference, participants will have discovered the means to develop their mental skills.

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